Dianne Burckhardt, Author

Welcome to the virtual home of Dianne Burckhardt - Kansas born award-winning author and designer, narrator of books, creator of worlds, blessed wife to an amazing husband and bonus-mom to two incredible daughters, "mom" to the world's most adorable rescued Russian furbaby, proud owner of a malformed brain, maker of tasty burritos, watcher of Sci-fi, reader of JR Ward and Patricia Briggs, listener of Pink and Green Day, fan of Silent Bob, follower of Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias, Comic Con goer, and a Marvel girl all the way (though I make an exception for Batman). Stan Lee Lives! Excelsior! And as of 2020, an Inspire Award Finalist for the HER-Abilities Award. 


Again, welcome dear reader. I appreciate you being brave enough to check out my site (I can be a bit odd at times . . . okay, most of the time) and for having an interest in my career. I am just now building this site as I have spent the last few years writing westerns as a dude (pen name: Stephen Burckhardt) and working on the social media and website for that pen name. I hope to have this page functional very soon. It should go faster now that I'm somewhat "out of the closet" as it were as Stephen, it was dark in there. Read more. 

Painting on Canvas
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awards on white
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I have really been unhappy with my hair