Thank you for checking out my blog. I will admit that I am not doing a lot with this yet as I am so focused on writing blogs for my page. I currently post three times a week on that page. Monday Movie Madness, Wednesday Whatever, and Friday Funnies because who doesn't need a good laugh by the end of the week. Be sure to check it out. 

In the mean time, you can check out my old blogs on Wordpress. I started them when I first moved from Kansas to Denmark with my new husband in 2014. Much has changed since then and much has stayed the same. I laugh now that I called my husband Tony in the old blogs, now I usually just use his initials, P.R.. I have tried to keep him separate from my work from the beginning because he has a job where he needs to consider his public image. That is something I have never worried about.


I have always been boldly honest and often very blunt. I have no shame and I do not get embarrassed. That can be a great thing and a bad thing, especially for those in my life who wish a kept more to myself. I try to respect the privacy of others but honestly it can be hard when things that wouldn't even hit my radar are extremely embarrassing for others. It makes it difficult to judge when I might be going to far. I hope I am getting better at it.  

Stranger in a Strange Land