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I have so many ideas for books I want to write and just have to find the time to do it. I am the only person working to write, design, and promote my work as well as designing and publishing all of my blogs and social media. It is a full-time job just to promote my current books. When I finish the current western saga serial I am working on, I plan to take a break from being Stephen and write a few books as Dianne. I want to write an autobiography titled, Free Bad Haircuts with Each Craniotomy.


This book will be all about my year in hell as I endured seven surgeries in six months (six of those were brain surgeries), developed a MRSA Staph infection and even died at one point, luckily it didn't take. I went into the first surgery to have two neurological conditions treated and came out with three neurological conditions. It is a crazy, compelling, and (I have been told) inspirational story. I hope you keep checking back for more information on this book as it becomes available.    

If you want to check out what I am working on now, I am currently writing as Stephen Burckhardt, Western Author. I am writing part five in my Into the West Saga Serial I will be doing a cover reveal soon for this instalment. The first four novellas and one special edition of part two (which contains part one and part two in one volume are) are available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Check out more information about "Stephen" on my other website  


Writing as Stephen Burckhardt

To appeal to a wider market, Dianne decided to write novella serials instead of full-length novels. This makes her books entertaining, quick reads many readers can finish quickly.

They are perfect for busy people, and honestly, who isn't busy these days?

The western collection is called The Territories Saga Serials Collection. Each saga serial will consist of 5-6 novellas. Each novella will be titled with the name of the saga serial and a subtitle for the novella. The first saga serial in The Territories Sage Serials Collection is the Into the West Saga Serial.


The first novella in this serial is Into the West: The Orphan Train. This book has been receiving five star reviews on Amazon and has won two awards from TopShelf magazine for historical fiction.  

ITW The Orphan Train ebook cover with aw
Into the West: The Orphan Train
Part one of book one in The Territories Saga Serials

Meet Elizabeth MacBride and her little brother Connor as they try to make a new life after their mother is forced to give them up to the Catholic Foundling Aid Society. With adoptive homes hard to find in New York City in 1855, many children are put on The Orphan Train to find new homes in the wild west.


Margret MacBride loves her children more than life itself, but as a young widow she can't support her and her children on a maid's salary. After losing their home they struggle for years to survive living on the streets. Distraught, Margret turns to the church for guidance.

Sister Mary Agnus convinces Margret her children will be better off if she turns them over to the Catholic Foundling Aid Society for placement in a home. Little did she know her children would end up on the Orphan Train heading into the western territories.

Taken from the only home they have ever known, Elizabeth and Connor MacBride are frightened and homesick. Their aid worker, Mrs. Kelly, does her best to comfort the children and help them come to terms with their new situation.

When Elizabeth finds herself in trouble after a run in with the Foundling Home's Director, Sister Mary Clare, and bullied by one of the other children, Mrs. Kelly puts her job on the line to get Elizabeth and her brother on the Orphan Train and find them a new home in the wild west.

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Into the West: A New Home
Part two of book one in The Territories Saga Serials

Thanks to their case worker, Mrs. Kelly, Elizabeth and Connor MacBride make it onto the orphan train heading into the western territories. Mrs. Kelly is reluctant to part with the children as she struggles with the agreement she was forced to make with Sister Mary Clare to keep the children on the train.


If Mrs. Kelly keeps her promise she will keep her job but she may break the hearts of Elizabeth and Connor in the process. As the train makes its final stop, Mrs. Kelly must choose, place the children with strangers or return them to the Catholic Foundling Aid Society's home in New York City under the direction of Sister Mary Clare, something she does not want to do.


Living in a small cowtown in the Kansas territory would be a new and frightening experience for Elizabeth and Conner but with the help of a few good people they might be able to make a new life for themselves.  Will Mrs. Kelly have to sacrifice her job to do what she believes is best for the children or can she find a solution with which they can all live?

There is also a special edition available which contains both part one, Into the West: The Orphan Train, and part two, Into the West: A New Home, in one edition. 

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Into the West: Sharon Springs
Part three of book one in The Territories Saga Serials

Families in Sharon Springs are dealing with ghosts from their pasts as they consider welcoming the riders of the orphan train to their town. Many old wounds need to heal if they are going to make room for Elizabeth and Conner MacBride.

Unfortunately, things do not work out as Mrs. Kelly had hoped and it may turn out that the only way to find suitable homes for MacBride children is to split them up.
When Elizabeth and Conner learn they are being placed with different families in Sharon Springs, both are heartbroken. After many tears and promises the siblings would get to see each other as often as they wanted, things begin to quiet down.
When Elizabeth meets her new family, she finds out Tim Ruth was much more thrilled to have a new daughter in the family than his wife, Stacy. Her new adoptive brother, Timothy, does not give her a warm welcome either. He is not interested in sharing his mother’s love with anyone and lets Elizabeth know from the moment they meet.

Elizabeth tries to get used to life in the Wild West but finds that living in the territories can be hard, especially when you’re alone and your new adoptive family doesn’t seem to want you there.

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Into the West: Most Wanted  
Part four of book one in The Territories Saga Serials

Marshal “Blackjack” James has a reputation for being able to catch any criminal he puts his mind to catching. When his friend Ike “Shorty” Rowlett, sheriff of Sharon Springs, sends him a telegram asking for help catching bandits in the area, Jack saddles up his horse, Bucky, and heads north.

Meanwhile, the folks in Sharon Springs, are doing their best to help Elizabeth and Conner MacBride settle into their new homes in the Wild West. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy to have them there.  Just as Elizabeth begins to bond with her new parents, her new brother decides he wants her to leave.

Conner MacBride is trying to learn to live without his sister but getting used to so many changes in such a short time is very difficult for a young boy. Ian Somerholder is doing everything he can to help Conner bond with his new parents but he will have to return to his own new family soon. It just might take help from the most wanted to bring everyone together.