My First Blog!

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Dianne Burckhardt, Indie Author

This blog space is so different from how it is set up on my Stephen Burckhardt page that it may take a little practice getting used to this one. It is supposed to be easier to use but when you are used to doing things one way for years, even easier can be a challenge when it's so different from what you are used to.

One thing that is nice in this blog is I can say my wonderful better half, Pedro. It is so hard not using pronouns when I write the blog as Stephen. I try very hard not to lie, beyond the fact that I let everyone think I am a man writing my westerns. I don't say I'm a man and my better half is a woman. I avoid using descriptors completely. The result is people have assumed that P.R. is a man and they think Stephen is hiding the fact that he is gay. They were half right.

But here can I freely talk about my wonderful better half who I would not be able to even attempt to be a writer if it weren't for him. While I am working on part four, Into the West: Most Wanted, Pedro had been cooking meals and helping with everything around the house so I can spend more time writing. Granted, he told he he wants me to buy him a Bugatti if I ever hit it big but it's totally worth it.

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